Native Plants

Get closeup and friendly with the hundreds of native species trees, shrubs, vines, flowering, and non-flowering understory plants by joining the Native Plant Enthusiasts who study and rescue plants for their home landscape or public spaces. The Redbud Project is a chapter of Georgia Native Plant Society

Public Awareness


To appreciate nature in your own backyard, become informed through the Redbud Project about the unique oak-hickory forests on the Gainesville Ridges of Hall County.

The Redbud Project advocates environmental conservation throughout Hall County at Elachee Nature Center, Smithgall Woodland Garden/Atlanta Botanical Garden, Hall County Master Gardeners Gardens on Green, Hall County Environshare and all public and private efforts to preserve our environment.

Nature Preserve


In partnership with Gainesville City Parks and Recreation, the Redbud Project is modeling environmental conservation at a 30-acre city-owned site designated as Linwood Nature Preserve

With a commitment to sustainable development, Nature Trails through significant plant communities and wetlands on a Lake Lanier cove have been established.

Volunteers have worked to eradicate invasive plants that smother native plants. A display garden landscaped for native plant study and identification has also been completed.

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