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City Council - George Wangemann

Parks and Recreations - Kate Mattison

Vision 2030 - John Royer

Citizens Climate Lobby - Jim Robison            

Georgia Native Plant Society - Betty Daunhauer

Friends of Parks and Greenways - Lynn Kearns

Hall County Master Gardeners - Irene Michaud 

First Presbyterian Church -Susan Wiley

Ex officio

UGA Hall County Extension - Garrett Hibbs

Hall County Extension - Karin Hicks

Executive Director - Margaret Rasmussen

President - Jody Sanders

Vice President- Kenneth G.  Slater

Secretary - Mary Griffin

Treasurer - Marguerite Jones

Legal Advisor - John Royer


Director Development - Tom Rasmussen

Director Conservation - Barbara Jones

Director of Education - Nathan Wilson

Director Finances - Renette Todd

Director Membership - Mary Griffin

Redbud Project Board of Directors carries out the mission to promote awareness of the rich natural habitats of north Georgia and  encourage ecological development to conserve the air, soil and water of our imperiled environment.

Board members of the grassroots (501c3) movement represent a cross section of the community as educators, environmentalists, municipal officials, and activists. They create opportunities for conservation-minded citizens to act locally to combat global challenges to environmental conservation.


Ecological Development - Russ England        Conservation/Education - Margi Flood         

Development - Janet Martin                

Community Liaison - Gina Miller                   

Conservation/Education - John O’Sullivan   

Development Partner - Ron Hollis 

Horticultural Consultant - Karen Smith


Redbud Project Board of Directors
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