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Azalea Trails A, B, C  Length: 0.51 miles, Difficulty Level: Moderate 

From Linwood Drive trailhead, cross Lorene and Harry Martin Re-Creation Refuge into the hillside trails

that loop through towering chestnut oak and decaying trees downed long ago by wind and rain to form pillows and cradles on the forest floor. At the lower edge of the forest, descend to the Cove Road for access to connecting trails.


Beechwood White Oak Trail  Length: 0.18 miles, Difficulty Level: Moderate

• From the Beechwood entry on Cove Road just beyond the Ecology Center, loop up hill through the American Beech forest that hovers over sleeping Lady Slipper orchids. Cross the prairie canvas of wildflowers and grasses and descend to the Cove Road through the oak-hickory forest past 200-year-old white oaks that merit recognition as a Community Forest of the national Old Growth Forest Network.  

•   From White Oak entry on Cove Road at kiosk, reverse landmarks.


Cove Road  Length: 0.54 miles, Difficulty Level: Easy

A leisurely walk takes you through the heart of the preserve from the Springview Drive entry on the south side

of the preserve to Linwood Cove of Lake Lanier. Meander through the mingled ecosystems of oak-hickory-pine forest of trilliums and elephant foots, wetland remnants of once enjoyed fish ponds, and meadows of wildflowers and grasses on the Georgia Power right-of-way.


Mt. Laurel—Pawpaw Trail  Length: 0.36 miles, Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Enter loop trail off Cove Road from Mt. Laurel sign below Ecology Center or from Pawpaw sign at far end of utility road.  Pipsissewa Trail, Mossy Trail, Cattle Gate Trail, and Trail Tree Loop branch off of the from oak-hickory, wetlands, and prairie ecosystems past large pawpaw grove on left side of trail from west trail entry.

Throughout the trail complex, observe ephemeral native plants in early spring, moss covered hillocks in winter, and full fall colors of trees in the secession forest.  Look for the series of faux

Indian Trail Trees that point to the springs that feed the wetlands along the trails.


Trillium Trail Length: .01 miles, Difficulty Level: Steep

Trail descends down steep incline  from the bench overlooking Linwood Cove. Steep downhill connects to trail that the cove and leads  to kayak stop on the Gainesville Upper Lanier Water Trail.

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