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"I go to nature to be soothed and healed,

and to have my senses put in order" 

American Naturalist  John Burroughs

1837 -1921

Linwood Nature Preserve spreads  over 30 acres of urban forest on the shore of Lake Lanier to serve the community with access to leisure recreation for human health and wellness and nature education for conservation of the environment.

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Eco-friendly walking trails wind over two miles through ecosystems of oak-hickory-pine, wetlands and prairie with access to leisure recreation in nature. Pileated woodpeckers and barred owls flourish among the oaks and hickories. Wildflowers and butterflies flourish in the prairie meadows. Salamanders play in the flowing streams and fish spawn in the secluded lake coves.

Interpretive signs along the trails and in kiosks open the mind

and eye to nature’s beauty

and mysteries that survive

the hands of man. Throughout the preserve, benches, nature viewing decks, and the Martin Re-Creation Refuge invite visitors to rest

and meditate away from the cares and chaos of city life.


Linwood Nature Preserve of Gainesville Parks and Recreation

                   • Trailhead:  415 Linwood Drive

                   • Ecology Center:  118 Springview Drive, NE

                                                    Gainesville, Georgia 30501


                               Open daily dawn to dusk.


Trails of Linwood Nature Preserve 

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