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Redbud Project: Model for Green Space Preservation

Act now to Save Nature for Tomorrow!

Rich natural habitats of native plants and wildlife flourish in our Gainesville Ridges region - for now!

Join the concerned citizens of The Redbud Project - Model for Green Space Preservation to promote and protect our fragile natural resources of oak-hickory forests that sequester air pollution, prairie meadows that harbor pollinators, and wetlands that filter storm water pollutants.

As a Member of Friends of Redbud, you can act today on global issues to share our natural world with future generations!

  • Develop public access to nature for physical and mental health in the 30-acre urban forest of Linwood Nature Preserve

  • Sponsor Nature Education Lectures to bring nature home

  • Study native plants display in the Swoszowski Native Plant Conservatory for landscaping, conservation and economic value

  • Experience the Cycle of Life from native plants to insects to birds to trees to the air we breathe as captured by area artists in their photographs and paintings in the Bruce Alan Doll Nature Art Gallery

To protect and preserve our natural habitats for our life on earth today and our children tomorrow , become a Friend of Redbud with your financial gift and volunteer labor.

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Redbud Project is a 501c3 non- profit. Your donation is tax-deductible

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